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Rosewood and stainless steel watch

Product Example: Original Grain Watches

I recently saw an excellent interview on The Elevator Life  with Ryan from Original Grain Watches. On this post I want to share the notes I made from this great video, but I also want to urge you to watch it yourself. Both of these guys are active on Twitter and Facebook, you can find […]

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Product Design Approach

Product Design – Turning your idea into a functioning design. It is now time for some product design since you have defined your idea, determined the benefits that it will present to your customers, as possibly even sketched out some ideas on a napkin or back of an envelope. Going through the product design process […]

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Domestic Manufacturing: The Insourcing Boom

How to take advantage of The Insourcing Boom I recently read an article on GE’s appliance manufacturing Insourcing Boom. The narrative of the story follows the path of GE moving assembly of some of its appliances back into the USA.  That is, high-tech, complicated appliances with design lives of about two years before a rapid […]

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Introduction to the Product Business Lifestyle

What is the Product Business Lifestyle So you have read the 4-Hour Workweek (4HWW) and have decided that the physical product business lifestyle is for you. Maybe you’re learning about internet marketing, already have digital information products out there, and now want to get into something more tangible. Or perhaps you have noticed a hole […]

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Question Answered: What is a Niche Product

What is a Niche Product? A niche product is one that is simple enough to have design, prototyping, manufacture, marketing, sales, and shipping all handled by only a few people. They are tailored towards a specific market and have to be in a specific price window.  This pricing has to be right for people to […]

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Product Design Process – Initial Glimpse

Here is your first glimpse at the product design process steps required to move a physical product from the idea stage to being a real item for sale. The length of time it takes for you to run through this precess really depends on the amount of time you can devote to this project every […]

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