Hi, I’m Andrew.  I started Producracy because after 10 years working as an engineer, I saw so many great product ideas go to waste due to a lack of support structure for inventors, tinkerers, and dreamers.

Producracy fills in the gaps around your skill set, to jumpstart your design, prototyping, and manufacturing mission.

From idea development to post-sales support, we work with you to make your dream a reality.

Our focus is to get your product to market – quickly, efficiently, and successfully.

Sign up for the newsletter, follow our blog, and when you’re ready, we’re here to help you launch your own product.


What can we do for you:

– Design: Learn how to get a quality computer design made of your product, tips on how to manage a designer, and what to do with the model (tip: be sure to get nice photo renderings for marketing and professional blueprints for manufacturing).
Or we handle the entire design process for you.

– Prototyping: We look at your design and help you select a prototyping method (3D printing, wood, foam) and vendor.  We will give you a customized checklist of what you should do with your prototype to proove out your design AND how to use for marketing purposes.  Also assist you in deciding on what design revisions need to be made.  Or we can handle the entire prototyping process for you.

– Manufacturing: We look at your design and help you make an initial decision on material and manufacturing process.  We can also make you a list of reputable manufacturers you can approach.  Finally, we will provide a checklist of tips on how ordering samples, negotiating price & quantity, quality control tips, and shipping & warehousing.
Or you guessed it, we handle the entire manufacturing process for you.


How you can work with us:

Right now the way to work directly with us is via our consulting service and product launch kit.

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If you aren’t quite ready to sign up for our direct services, submit your product question to us.  If we feel it will benefit the entire community, we will answer your question on our blog.