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Starting the New Year Off Right

A new year is here, and many of us are re-energized to build a business and work on our personal independence.  I’m  part of that group too. I have been lucky enough to help out some of you this past year.   But my own efforts were limited during the fall.  Just like most people, […]

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Product Idea Generation

Product Idea Generation: The very first step At the very start of your journey you have to go through product idea generation.  Sure it’s nice to know more about the entire process while you are working on your ideas, but it’s much better to choose an example product for this process. And if you are […]

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Introduction to the Product Business Lifestyle

What is the Product Business Lifestyle So you have read the 4-Hour Workweek (4HWW) and have decided that the physical product business lifestyle is for you. Maybe you’re learning about internet marketing, already have digital information products out there, and now want to get into something more tangible. Or perhaps you have noticed a hole […]

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Question Answered: What is a Niche Product

What is a Niche Product? A niche product is one that is simple enough to have design, prototyping, manufacture, marketing, sales, and shipping all handled by only a few people. They are tailored towards a specific market and have to be in a specific price window.  This pricing has to be right for people to […]

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