Product Launch Kit

Get Own Product Business Launched in 30 Days Without Spending $1000s

You have a physical product idea and want to make it a reality but don’t know where to start or what steps to follow.

Unsure how to decide if it is a profitable idea?

Don’t want to negotiate with a factory in China?

You want to bring this product to market but you really don’t have the time to figure out the correct process on your own.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the entire process mapped out in a step-by-step checklist made JUST FOR YOU?


Launching a Product is Tough – Bring in the Experts that Make You an Expert


You want to run a product business online but don’t know where to start.

How do I know this?  Because I was once there too!

I was also stuck going from blog to blog and podcast to podcast, always ‘researching’ something and never getting a business off the ground.

I was waiting to launch the perfect product – I was afraid of making a mistake.

How did I get over this mountain of inaction?

Simply put, I stopped being afraid and just started.

Two quotes really helped get me going though:

  • “Version ONE is better than version NONE”
  • “You don’t have to get it right – you just have to get it GOING”

Oh and I started following people who had been there before and I followed the same process that they did.

What We’ve got for you

Our Product Launch Kit helps you to quickly build your own product business.  Say goodbye to frustrating hours trying to figure out each individual step and hello to a turn-key process made just for you.  Follow your personal roadmap exactly to go from product idea to profitable business.:

  • Receive a customized checklist developed specifically for you and your product idea.  This is a customized document made just for you after we discuss you product. Know exactly what steps to follow
  • Discuss in depth your product idea and business goals.  We talk whenever needed throughout the process to develop a plan to successfully bring your product to market
  • Send me a message whenever you need to so we can solve problems and answer your questions as they arise.  I am in your corner throughout the process
  • Receive my notes of our discussion.  This is also a great reference for you while building your business
  • FREE Subscription to our monthly Product Insider Report.  This is where we share our best tips and inside stories that we can’t give to just anybody
  • Bonus downloadable roadmap outlines the entire product launch process from idea generation, through manufacturing, and on to selling your product
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What we will do for you

Success is in the details and here are the specifics of how we will help you:


The most difficult part of launching any product or business is figuring out exactly what needs to be done and in what order.  You could follow what other people have done – but the problem is every product launch is different in the approach that will make it successful.

  • Some products require detailed computer designs while other times it’s best to work with a factory.  We determine the best process for design
  • How exactly do I prove my product idea and design?  We show you how to determine your target market and their interest in your product
  • Do you manufacture in China or at home?  We give you the best manufacturing approach to optimize costs, quality, delivery response, and factory support


Sometimes all you need is the guidance and insight of someone who’s been there before.  Other times you have dozens or questions in your head.  Either way, a private discussion with an expert is a proven way to get your project started without spinning your wheels.

  • We discuss your product idea AND lifestyle goals.  Both of these are necessary to generate your customized step-by-step guide
  • You likely have many questions to ask and concerns that need to be addressed.  Rest assured, anything you want to discuss during the call can be solved immediately.  Any topic requiring a specific industry expert WILL be resolved via followup emails
  • Don’t worry about ferociously taking notes.  In addition to any follow-up expert advise, you will be provided with my personal notes of the discussion.  I have to make detailed notes of the chat anyway in order to develop your customized process
  • Don’t stress about getting all of your questions into the call.  I am only an email away throughout your design and launch process


We share a lot of info on our website and in our newsletter – but we can’t let the public at all of our knowledge.  For our loyal customers we save the best tips and tricks as well as inside looks into our own products.

  • DETAILS and guides on managing virtual contractors, negotiating with manufacturers, and selling your product online
  • Insider info on our own products, case studies, and competitor analysis.  This is an insider report after all
  • Solutions to the communities questions and problems – continued support for the benefit of the insider community


This is your reference for everything product business.  You will find yourself using this at every stage of your business from idea generation, through manufacturing, and finally selling your product

  • How to generate profitable product ideas
  • Testing the market and defining who your customer is
  • How to get prototypes made and what to do with them
  • How to build a website and the tools I personally use
  • Setting up your website to receive payments
  • Tips and tricks on selling your product
  • Providing customer service and support
  • and much more…..


Is this right for you?

To be honest, launching a product business takes work.  In fact launching a product is tough.  That’s what we’re here for, to have the experts fighting in your corner every step of the way.

If you are just looking to build a simple website with advertisements to earn you a couple of dollars per day – then this won’t be for you.

But if you are passionate about bringing a new and novel product to market, or improving something existing, then you have absolutely come to the right place.


How to get started

If you are ready to get your product business launched, then add the Product Launch Kit to your cart now.

To quickly recap what you get:

  • A custom checklist just for you outlining the exact steps you have to follow
  • A private discussion for one hour where we talk about anything product business
  • All notes of our initial discussion
  • Product Insider Report Subscription
  • Bonus downloadable roadmap outlines the entire product launch process from idea generation, through manufacturing, and on to selling your product


Launch your product now:

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My Promise & Guarantee

I could come up with fancy wording for a guarantee, but really it is simple:

If you are not 100% satisfied then I will refund 100% of your money back

This guarantee is easy to make if selling training videos or an ebook – but I will me spending hours of my time and my team’s time discussing your product business and generating custom documents for you.

But if you do not receive the value you thought you would, then I will happily refund your entire investment.

In fact, you will keep the custom checklist, call notes & recording, and the product business roadmap.



Remember our two quotes from above:

  • “Version ONE is better than version NONE”
  • “You don’t have to get it right – you just have to get it GOING”

The profitable product business does not spend years in research and design before approaching the market.  Not a chance.

These days, you are approaching customers during your design phase – you are involving them to help determine the features they desire – and you are preselling them to fund your production costs.

My word of advise: Be the first to market


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

What exactly do I get for my money?

  • A one hour private discussion with me determining how to best design, manufacture, and launch your product
  • My personal detailed notes and thoughts on our conversation
  • A customized checklist to follow when launching your product.  This is generated after our discussion and is specific for you and your product
  • Free subscription to our Product Insider Report where we share our best tips
  • A roadmap covering the complete product launch process is depth from idea generation to manufacturing


What will I learn from the roadmap?

For example, you will:

  • Learn how to get an inexpensive design made including beautiful photorealistic renderings and professional blueprints.
  • Get the best deal on an initial sample of your product.  This ensures that you are completely satisfied with your design and is something you can use on crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter to generate the funds to really accelerate your business.
  • Find the right manufacturer for your needs.  Understand how to work with a factory you are totally happy with and how to approach factory samples, pricing, quality, and delivery.
  • And much more…


Why should I pick you over other design firms?

  • Producracy is focused 100% on bringing physical products to market for aspiring business owners.  We do not consult engineering services to companies looking to outsource, we do not develop software, and we do not only focus on one step (design) leaving you stranded afterwards (manufacturing).  We are not really a design firm, we are your product launching firm connecting you with every step in the process.


How does the guarantee work?

  • If within 30 days of purchasing the Product Launch Kit you feel that we have not assisted you to launch your own physical product, then please request a refund.  You will still have all downloaded materials and we wish you luck in your endeavors.


Are you offering a refund even if we have already spoken on the phone?

  • Yes you still qualify for the refund after we have had our private discussion.  I prefer to build this service on successful clients and testimonials.  If I can’t be of assistance to you then you deserve a full refund.  If you do ask for a refund after I spend my time on your business, I ask that you provide one piece of feedback on the service that can assist me in improving it.


Can I design my product myself?

  • Of course you can.  I recommend the programs AutoDesk Inventor or Solidworks.  Expect to spend 50 hours for a working knowledge and 100 hours to become proficient enough in the software to design a simple product.  These programs have very good tutorials built in and there are many books available on Amazon.


Where else can I find design services?

  • Odesk is a great place to start mostly because you only pay for the time you use and they take screen recordings to ensure your contractor is indeed working on your project.  Local consulting engineers and college students are other good ways to get your own design done.


Can I find manufacturers myself?

  • Absolutely, I recommend Alibaba, Thomas Net, and China Sourcing.  Be sure to get a factory direct contact and not a sourcing agent.  Please ensure they understand your specifications and requirements.


Can I manufacture overseas?

  • Yes, China is a popular location.  India, Vietnam, and the Philippines are other countries capable of producing inexpensive products.  Be sure to explain your quality requirements well and have a trusted translator for discussions


Can I manufacture domestically?

  • YES! The USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, and other countries have a very good manufacturing infrastructure.  In fact, you may find some customers prefer items made in their home countries.  With the increased cost of transportation fuel, domestic manufacturing is having a rebound.


Will I own my design?

  • Yes, you own your designs 100% and our discussion is meant to launch your business quickly.  The most important thing is speed to market.  Be the first one to offer the product.  At any given time there are multiple people in the world thinking of your product – but it is the person who acts first who profits.  Don’t read six months from now that somebody else took your idea and started selling.


How will I sell my product online?

  • There are many was to set up an Ecommerce store online using: WordPress, BigCommerce, Aweber, and Paypal.
    If you are having problems send us a short note, we will either have a tip for you or point you in the right direction to get over that hurdle


How do I set this up as a business?

  • There will be experts in your country who can help you decide on the business structure that is right for you.  In general, setting up as a business allows you many tax benefits.  If you are having problems finding a good resource, please contact us for a recommendation.


Can I get my product onto store shelves?

  • You want to prove the profitability of selling the product online before approaching stores to sell it on your shelves.  Once it is proven it is certainly possible to sell your product retail.
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