Question Answered: How to design a product for manufacturer acceptance?

How do I make sure that I can get a manufacturer to make my product?   The most likely scenario is that you are looking for a contract manufacturer to just make your product.  You will still manage the rest yourself including the warehousing, marketing, sales, shipping, and follow up customer service.   The key […]

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Starting the New Year Off Right

A new year is here, and many of us are re-energized to build a business and work on our personal independence.  I’m  part of that group too. I have been lucky enough to help out some of you this past year.   But my own efforts were limited during the fall.  Just like most people, […]

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How to Decide Between Product Ideas

Here are some tips on how to decide between product ideas If you went through my tips on How to Brainstorm an Idea, you likely have more possible products running through your head than you know what to do with. Follow these tips to help you decide between them for better chances at success and […]

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Manufacturing costs to take into consideration

The manufacturing costs to take into consideration when planning your production There are many things that can affect the cost of manufacturing your products. Below are some of the items to not forget about when planning your production run. Also, as an aside, you do not have to do your manufacturing in China or elsewhere […]

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How to Brainstorm an Idea

Learn how to brainstorm an idea for your own product This is a continuation of the product idea generation discussion. There are four different methods I like to use when showing people how to brainstorm an idea. Of course, these are just tips to help bring the ideas out of your head.  There is no […]

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Question Answered: Do I Need a Design Background?

What if I don’t have a design background, will that hinder me? It isn’t really all that necessary to have a design background when getting started with a physical product business.  In fact it could really be beneficial to start without any baggage or preconceived notions of design ztandards.  Your end-goal will simply be a […]

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Common Product Design Software

How much do I have to learn about common product design software? In reality, as with many topics in the physical product business, the more you learn the better.  You should know enough about using the software to be able to have an intelligent conversation with your designer about the models. However, you definitely do […]

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Question Answered: How do you coordinate the revision process for your product?

How do you coordinate the revision process with a supplier? What happens when you need to change something about you design? Maybe a wall needs to be thicker to be more rigid, a moving part needs more clearance to reduce friction, or a simple design tweak will allow for more reliable injection moulding pours. In […]

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Thermocouple for you iPhone

Product Example: Thermodo Thermometer for iPhone

Thermodo – a good example of a product following trends. Successfully launched using Kickstarter, and piggybacking the popularity of the iPhone, the Thermodo is a good case study for a successful product launch. The item starts off as a keychain but comes apart to reveal a temperature sensing thermocouple that you plug into the headphone/microphone […]

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The only book on business finance that you will need

Book Review: Financial Intelligence for Entrepreneurs

In order to be successful with your product business you should read Financial Intelligence for Entrepreneurs   It is essential that you  to understand what the numbers mean –  This is the ONLY book that you need for this. You have to know how to read an income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow report […]

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Question Answered: How to Produce a Small Commodity Object Made of Plastic

Question: How to produce a small commodity object made of plastic? Where can I get this manufactured and what information do I have to give the factory? My product is designed, how do I best look for a manufacturer and keep mould costs reasonable?     Answer: Having your product design and a 3D model […]

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Question Answered: What is the Best way to Develop a Prototype in the Health & Beauty Field?

Question: What is the Best way to Develop a Prototype in the Health & Beauty Field? What is the development process to go from idea to finished product?   Answer: For a physical product such as a razor, toothbrush, nose hair trimmer, or electric razor you can start with a 3D printed prototype of your idea. […]

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Question Answered: What are Some of the Best Packaged Consumer Products?

Question: What are Some of the Best Packaged Consumer Products? Some examples of invitingly packaged soaps, chocolates, shampoos, perfumes, etc.   Answer: The best packaging that I have seen is of green tea from Japan or Taiwan. The tea is vacuum sealed and placed in a nice canister – then a few different flavours are combined […]

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How To Prototype a Product

How to prototype a product: What do you do with a prototype? The major reasons to prototype your design are: Market research and determination – make sure that there is even a market for your product before you totally develop it! Check the fit of your product: does everything assemble and fit together? Is the […]

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Aerating your wine helps to mellow and improve the flavour

Product Example: Vinamor Wine Aerator

Wine Aerator as seen on Shark Tank: Vinamor This is a product example that I saw on the TV show Shark Tank.  It’s the development of service industry professional Gary DeJohn. It is designed to sit on top of the glass while the wine is being poured. First, the metal strainer removes any bits of […]

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Question Answered: Why is SolidWorks preferred over AutoCAD for 3D Design?

Question: Why is SolidWorks preferred over AutoCAD for 3D Design?   Answer: AutoCAD is normally associated with 2D drawings (manufacturing, architecture, electrical schematics, piping diagrams, etc.)  But newer versions of AutoCAD do have 3D capabilities. AutoCAD is the industry preferred solution for these 2 dimensional tasks and is the most capable of the programs out there. […]

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The Three Traits of a Winning Invention

The Three Traits of a Winning Invention By Stephen Key As an aspiring product business owner, one of the authors you should read and follow is Stephen Key. Most of his ideas and pieces of advice are directly geared towards licensing your ideas – which is also a good business model for physical products. I’ve […]

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Sugru – Advanced Material for Creating Prototypes

Sugru: Great for Prototyping and mock-ups Sugru is a material that I recently found and it appears to be a great one to pick up for prototyping. Though you could form your entire product from this stuff, that may not be the best approach. The easiest way to describe this stuff is to copt and […]

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Automotive theme espresso maker

Product Example: Supercharged V12 Espresso Machine

Automotive Inspired Coffee Machine by Espresso Veloce A very quick post today on a great design forwarded on to me by a colleague: A Supercharged V12 Espresso Machine. This is a highly designed (or is that highly engineered?) espresso maker in the form of a 12-cylinder automotive engine.  Old school fuel injection and all. Now […]

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Product Idea Generation

Product Idea Generation: The very first step At the very start of your journey you have to go through product idea generation.  Sure it’s nice to know more about the entire process while you are working on your ideas, but it’s much better to choose an example product for this process. And if you are […]

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