Books I have read and highly recommend:


Financial Intelligence for Entrepreneurs

Learn what the numbers in your business really mean:

– Are you profitable

– Will you run out of cash

– How to read a balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement

– How to calculate profit, return on investment, and the value of your business

Read my review of the entire book


Design of Everyday Things

Tips and tricks on how to actually make your product user friendly.

This book contains great insights on what to look at when designing and gives numerous examples of good and bad designs in the real world.


Manufacturing Processes for Design Professionals

This book is a must for anyone involved in product business and wanting to understand their manufacturing processes.

More of a reference book than a page turner – you will be impressed


One Simple Idea

I promote owning your own company and getting your products manufactured for you – keeping 100% of the profits.

However, there are some cases where licensing a product to an existing company makes the most sense.  This book is THE resource for licensing products, but the king himself, Stephen Key


Podcasts I listen to and Recommend

Lifestyle Business Podcast + Tropical Talk Radio – Here you will learn how to run your business and how to enjoy your life at the same time.

Build my Online Store – A great resource teaching you how to build an ecommerce store

Engineer vs. Designer – The first technical podcast covering CAD, software, and industrial design

The Product Design Show – A good video podcast covering various product design concepts


Website Building Tools

Bluehost – This is the website hositng company that I personally use and recommend.  Easy to install WordPress and unlimited domains.

GoDaddy – Use this for registering your domains.  Definitely the market leader.

Aweber – The industry standard for building your emailing list