Product Example: Supercharged V12 Espresso Machine

Automotive Inspired Coffee Machine by Espresso Veloce

A very quick post today on a great design forwarded on to me by a colleague: A Supercharged V12 Espresso Machine.

This is a highly designed (or is that highly engineered?) espresso maker in the form of a 12-cylinder automotive engine.  Old school fuel injection and all.

Now there’s no saying how well it makes a latte macchiato, but that’s a chance I’m willing to take.  There’s certainly no arguing with the design.

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The design originator is Espresso Veloce

Automotive theme espresso maker

World’s Fastest Coffee Maker


Why I like the Supercharged V12 Espresso Machine

But why is it really that I like this design?

Yes because I’m a gearhead and love cars and mechanical design – but it’s more than that.

Today, many of the consumer products on the market are commoditizing themselves.  They are selling on price, and it really is a race to the bottom.

It’s hard to make a successful business out of single digit margins – and then you have to factor in the warranty costs of cheap design.

But then a design like this comes along.  Something novel, beautiful, and definitely not competing on price.  Much like its V12 powered automotive counterparts, this Ferrari doesn’t care what the Ford Focus costs, what it looks like, or how well it performs.

When designing your own product – do you want a commodity or a Ferrari?

Do you want your brand or product name to be memorable?

Do you want to be know for superior design and customer service – or for you price?


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