Question Answered: Do I Need a Design Background?

What if I don’t have a design background, will that hinder me?

It isn’t really all that necessary to have a design background when getting started with a physical product business.  In fact it could really be beneficial to start without any baggage or preconceived notions of design ztandards.  Your end-goal will simply be a well-functioning, good-looking product that you can sell at a reasonable profit.  Designers and engineers can – at times – get caught up in “proper” design techniques, overly complex models, and other technical features that add no real benefit to your customers.  A standard rule of sales is to sell on benefits, not features; but a standard engineering saying is “If it isn’t broken it doesn’t’ have enough features yet”.

But don’t think that studying some design is a bad thing.  In fact, flipping through design magazines or blogs can be very beneficial for idea creation.

Here are a couple good examples for design blogs:

Being interested in having a physical product business, you likely have an idea in mind.  If you’re like me, you see a product and instantly look for flaws or possible improvements.

If you don’t have a design background, please listen to the professionals when it comes to manufacturability, strength, or quality.  This could really save you a bundle in warranty costs or low-quality items.


Design, engineering, and drafting skills are quite easy to hire for.  You definitely should not worry yourself if you don’t have a background in these topics yourself.

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